Mastering our technologies

We design our own processes and we manufacture our own raw materials
(semiconducting metal oxides or silicone polymers)

Satellite coatings

Thermal finishing coatings, adhesives, lubricants and silicone conformal coatings for satellite

Quality and sustainbility

Our coatings record 30 years of satellite and launcher flight heritage

Thermal finishing of satellite parts

We propose to our customers a dedicated thermal finishing service on satellite parts

Launcher coatings

Antistatic, anticorrosion coatings and thermal protection for launchers

About MAP

Le spécialiste de la finition thermique pour satellites et lanceurs : conception, fabrication et application de revêtements de finition thermique à fort héritage technologique.

Since its inception, MAP has been associated with a quest for excellence. The space sector pushes everyone to their imits and beyond, in order to meet a shared challenge comprising technical, strategic, and financial hurdles. Its partners regularly call upon the company to carry out application of its coatings, therefore maintaining MAP's well-established expertise in the sector. The zero-defect policy with its customers has thus been adopted as proof that the technical teams are consistently weaving bonds based on mutual trust.. Renowned amongst its peers, this pioneering company has made meeting highly demanding requirements its trademark. Having become an expert in its market, it owes this success of this beautiful journey to its teams, who make the founders’ dreams a reality on a daily basis.

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Des revêtements dédiés à la réduction du risque des missions spatiales

Thermal control coatings for satellites

Adhesives for satellites

Conformal coatings for satellite electronics

Lubricants for satellite mechanisms

Thermal and electrical control coatings for launchers

Services dedicated to the space industry

Thermal finishing for satellites

Physico-chemical characterisation