Adhesives for satellites

Thermal transfer by conduction

The adhesives used on satellites make it possible, as their name suggests, to hold items together while avoiding the creation of gaps, maintaining in particular a thermal contact between the materials.
It is with this in mind that our teams of specialists have developed a range of adhesive coatings for satellites, adapted to the space vacuum environment.
Placed directly between a panel and an electronic box for example, the films thus formed act as thermal conductors and allow the heat to escape. They thus contribute to the thermal regulation of the satellite.

Bonding OSRs

OSRs (Optical Solar Reflectors), small mirrors placed on the walls of satellites, reflect sunlight and avoid overheating of components. Just like our white coatings, OSRs contribute to the thermal regulation of the satellite.

We have developed a range of adhesives that provide thermal and electrical continuity between OSRs and the substrate to which they are bonded (satellite wall / panels, battery panels, etc.).

Optical bonding

MAP SPACE COATINGS has developed a range of adhesives intended for optical bonding. Optical transparent coatings with low outgassing to avoid the phenomenon of condensation leading to the deterioration of optical performance, our adhesives have been specifically designed for this application.

Optical bonding is a specific field, because it is situated in areas very close to cold parts (lenses, cameras, etc.) in optical systems. It also requires the use of transparent coatings to allow light to pass.

Practical solutions

The application of our coatings intended for space requires the use of specific devices: repair kits, syringes, etc.

This is why we have been developing practical concepts for 30 years, to facilitate the application of our coatings, principles of product / process combinations, adapted to each situation, to ensure optimal implementation of our products for our users.

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